Facebook beats Google as the best place to work in the UK

Glassdoor, the jobs website, has published a list of the top 25 places to work in the UK. Facebook came top and Google bottom, but most of the companies are involved in IT, and not all of them are based in London....

Inside Facebook UK, someone experiments with a hammock desk... Facebook

Glassdoor, the jobs website, reckons that Facebook is the UK's best place to work in terms of pay and conditions in 2015. It topped a list of 25 companies, where Google finished in last place, and Microsoft didn't even make the table.

The list is dominated by technology and business consulting firms, with three of the four highest-rated companies being based in London: Facebook (#1), MediaMath (#3) and Equal Experts (#4).

McKinsey & Co (#16), Microsoft's Skype (#17) and Google (#25) also have their main offices in London.

However, not all the top tech companies are in the capital. For example, there's Jive Software (#2) in Reading, AO (#5) in Bolton, Informatica (#6) in Maidenhead, Softcat (#7) in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Salesforce (#10) in Staines, Peninsula (#15) in Manchester, Newton Europe (#18) in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, New Voice Media (#19) in Basingstoke and NetBuilder (#20) in Wigan.

It's not just the money. Some employees value "perks, such as health care for family, free food, a generous holiday allowance, computer game consoles in the office and even spas," says Glassdoor. A Facebook employee rated the "Great benefits (free food for breakfast, lunch, dinner), healthy work environment and an amazing working culture".

The full list:

01 Facebook: 4.7

02 Jive Software: 4.7

03 MediaMath: 4.6

04 Equal Experts: 4.6

05 AO: 4.6

06 Informatica: 4.5

07 Softcat: 4.5

08 Baringa: 4.5

09 BCG: 4.4

10 Salesforce: 4.4

11 Attenda: 4.4

12 HomeAway: 4.4

13 AutoTrader: 4.4

14 Holiday Extras: 4.4

15 Peninsula: 4.4

16 McKinsey and Company: 4.3

17 Skype: 4.3

18 Newton Europe: 4.3

19 New Voice Media: 4.3

20 NetBuilder: 4.3

21 BMC: 4.2

22 Mars: 4.2

23 Bain and Company: 4.2

24 Imperial Tabacco: 4.2

25 Google: 4.2

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