Facebook cold-emailing businesses in search of new advertisers

Facebook is blindly contacting random businesses and offering them a free four-week programme called "Start to Success." It's one of the company's many initiatives to court small businesses.

Facebook is blindly contacting random businesses about a marketing solution service, which includes four weeks of 'one to one' phone consultations. The offering is free, and while I put the term "cold-emailing" in the title, it's really just a Facebook message (but "Facebook cold-Facebook-messaging businesses in search of new advertisers" just didn't sit well with me).

The message, as obtained by The Next Web, asks for an introduction call in the hopes that the business owner will be willing to at least give the new program a try. At the end of the message, there's a link to the Success Stories tab on the Facebook Marketing Solutions Page, which by the way has 620,000 Likes. Here's the full body of the e-mail:

Hi [Potential Advertiser]

My name is Lourette Bonsu and I work on the Marketing Solutions team here at Facebook.

I am reaching out to you to discuss a new programme Facebook are implementing for advertisers called 'Start to Success'. This is a free and exclusive programme where we are offering a limited number of businesses a 4 week 'one to one' phone consultation with our Marketing Solutions team.

As part of this free offering, our team will work with you to help you better understand the Facebook platform and how to implement advertising campaigns that drive marketing results.

I would like to set up a call to discuss how Facebook can help you achieve your clients marketing goals through our 'Start to Success' programme.

Please let me know a day and time that you would be available to chat or if there is any other member of your team who would be an appropriate contact for an introduction call.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Regards, Lourette Bonsu | Client Partner Phone: [Bonsu's phone number] E-mail: [Bonsu's e-mail address]

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Optimists will say Facebook is trying to innovate while pessimists will say Facebook is getting desperate. Realists will simply say Facebook is experimenting with a new program. The company knows it can't court small businesses in the same way as it does major brands.

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