Facebook developing mobile location-tracking app: Report

Facebook is reportedly developing an application that will track where its users are, even when the app is not open on a user's mobile phone.

Facebook is working on a new application that would track the location of its users through their mobile devices, according to Bloomberg.

The social networking giant is reportedly due to release the app by the middle of March. The app will help users find nearby friends, and continue to track a user's location when the app isn't open. Facebook declined to comment for the Bloomberg report.

The app is reportedly being developed by engineers from Glancee, a startup that Facebook acquired in mid-2012. Before Facebook took down the Glancee app from the App Store, it alerted users when people with similar interests were nearby.

Any such app will be closely scrutinised by the already Facebook-weary privacy advocates. Facebook's announcement last month of a Graph Search , a new, more refined method of searching, was quickly criticised for the apparent privacy intrusion built into it. A Tumblr was quickly created collecting actual search results from Graph Search to show how easy it was to target people with specific interests, such as men who like men living in Iran, or the employers of people who like racism.

Apple's Find My Friends and Google's Latitude already allow users to track each other's locations.


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