Facebook disputes 21 squatter domain names

Facebook is currently disputing 21 domain names from a known domain squatter, 14 of which start with the word Facebook.

Facebook is taking on 21 domain names currently held by Domain Asset Holdings, a known domain squatter based in Potomac, Maryland. The full list of domains is available on Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) Search website (UDRPSearch) under case number D2011-0516.

Here are all 21 of them, 14 of which start with the word Facebook: aboutfacebook.com, facebookbabes.com, facebookcheats.com, facebookclub.com, facebookdevelopment.com, facebookfest.com, facebookintegration.com, facebookjournal.com, facebookking.com, facebookland.com, facebooksafety.com, facebookstudio.com, facebookstuff.com, freefacebookapps.com, friendsonfacebook.com, fundraisingwithfacebook.com, joinusonfacebook.com, killfacebook.com, moneyfromfacebook.com, moneywithfacebook.com, and newfacebookapplication.com.

All the domains are listed for sale on DomainMarket, although none seem to list their current prices. If Facebook were to simply purchase all 21, it would probably not put any content on any of them and simply have them redirect to facebook.com.

In the past, Facebook has sent cease-and-desist letters to various websites that either start with the word "face" or end with "book" – but it has also avoided many legitimate sites that fit these criteria, or even use the whole word "Facebook." For example, Facebook has yet to complain about allfacebook.com or insidefacebook.com, both of which are blogs that cover the social network.