Facebook for Amazon Kindle Fire just a website wrapper (rumor)

It looks like Facebook won't be developing an official app for the Kindle Fire. Instead, Amazon is building it. Unfortunately, a rumor suggests that it's just a wrapper for the Facebook website.

Amazon yesterday announced that when its Kindle Fire tablet is released next week, customers will be able to choose from several thousand of the most popular Android apps and games, including Facebook. The trouble is that a quick search on the Amazon Appstore shows that a Facebook app doesn't yet exist.

Facebook develops its own apps for iOS and Android. For iOS, Facebook has long-supported the iPhone and iPod touch, and only recently started supporting the iPad. For Android, Facebook is currently only supporting smartphones and has said nothing about tablets. Despite Amazon's announcement this week, the social networking giant has said nothing about supporting Amazon's customized version of Android.

HP develops the Facebook app for webOS, RIM develops the Facebook app for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS, and Microsoft develops the Facebook app for Windows Phone. It looks like Amazon will be developing the Facebook app for its Kindle Fire tablet(s).

Right now, there are three main Facebook tablet apps. 18 months after the Apple iPad was released, Facebook released its official iPad app. Both RIM and HP released their own Facebook apps in time for the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad, respectively. That being said, both don't look anything like the iPad app as they were rushed and are arguably comparable to a simple wrapper for the Facebook website.

The Facebook for Kindle Fire reportedly isn't a native mobile app: it's just Facebook's mobile website wrapped in a Kindle Fire/Android skin, according to sources close to the company cited by TPM. Unsurprisingly, Facebook did not help in developing this "app" – it was all Amazon.

This news (assuming this rumor proves true) may be a bit disappointing to Kindle Fire customers. Personally, I prefer using Facebook's website over an app because it means I have access to all the features. There are many, however, that prefer a native mobile app since these tend to have better performance and take advantage of the device's hardware. Either way, I'll be monitoring the app's progress and keep you updated as new versions are released.

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