Facebook gives Poland a Like with Central Europe office

The social network has opened a new office in the Polish capital of Warsaw to look after Central and Eastern Europe.

Facebook opened new offices in Warsaw on Thursday to serve Central and Eastern Europe.

According to reports, Facebook says the office will cover 46 million users in over 30 countries across the region. Until now, the area was served by the European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Currently, Facebook has nine million users in Poland and is the second most-visited online property after Google. The social network overtook the Polish social network NK earlier this year.

Facebook has set up shop in the Polish capital of Warsaw. Image: Shutterstock

Rumours that Facebook would set up shop in Poland began at the start of the summer, with a big question mark hanging over where the offices would be located. Wroclaw, already home to the Polish branch of Google and offices of other tech companies, started a campaign to attract Facebook to the city.

Wroclaw's efforts turned out to be in vain, as earlier this month Facebook's preference for the Polish capital became clear when it created a new Careers page for the city. (Although at the moment there are no open positions available.) The offices are located at the ZloteTarasy mall and office centre, next to the city's main railway station.

Facebook's Warsaw office will start with around five new positions, with the focus being on marketing and sales. The unit will for now be led by Diego Oliva, Facebook's regional director for Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Facebook is in the process of broadening the geographical reach of its operations. Earlier this year, the social network opened an engineering office in London, the first of its type outside the US, and has also opened a regional advertising office for the Middle East in Dubai.

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