Facebook, Google sponsor 2012 TopCoder Open

TopCoder has announced the sponsors for the 2012 TopCoder Open: Facebook and Google. Are you more inclined to participate knowing these two Internet giants are backing the tournament?

TopCoder today announced Facebook and Google have sponsored the 2012 TopCoder Open (TCO12). The event is a world-wide programming and designing tournament covering six competition tracks: Algorithm, Design, Development, Marathon, Mod Dash, and Studio Design. This year's installment will take place at the Caribe Royal in Orlando, Florida. If you're interested in the $150,000 worth of cash prizes, or just want a challenge, you can register for TCO12 at community.topcoder.com/tco12.

Both Facebook and Google have previously sponsored TopCoder Opens, but it seems the social networking giant has been more active than the search giant in recent years. TCO11 was sponsored by Intel, Facebook, MemSQL, and Mashery, while TCO10 was sponsored by Facebook, PayPal, and Yandex. Companies that sponsor such events often also hire some of the winners from certain competitions. In other words, if the prizes and fame don't sway you, maybe a potential job at Facebook or Google will.

TopCoder, which administers contests in computer programming, calls itself the world's largest competitive community of digital creators (it has some 400,000 members). As for TCO, TopCoder calls it the world's foremost competitive computer programming and creative design tournament.

"Our community is unique in that it represents depth of skill and range of technical talent unlike any other," Rob Hughes, president and COO of TopCoder, said in a statement. "We are very pleased to have two of the world's most prestigious tech companies back onboard with their valuable support as TopCoder Open sponsors."

TopCoder's Facebook Page has some 3,800 Likes.

Facebook doesn't just sponsor competitions like TCO, it also holds its own. For example, the 2012 Hacker Cup is currently ongoing; the final round of competition is on March 17.

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