Facebook helps reunite bride with lost wedding dress

This is the story of how Facebook helped reunite a bride with her wedding dress.

David Thibault, the co-owner of Island Dogs Bar, was standing outside his establishment last Tuesday when two tourists handed him a garment bag and said it had just fallen off a truck. When he opened it, he saw white lace, and said "Holy shiznit, it's a wedding dress!"

"At first I didn't know what to do, but I knew someone had to know who the owners of the dress were," Thibault said according to Break Loose From Your Chain, the bar's blog. "I opened it up and said, Oh my God," Thibault told CBS News. "If they're going to be married, they're going to need this."

Thibault thought about calling the police but chose to post about the dress on Island Dogs Facebook Page, asking patrons to spread the word. Here's the message that ended up saving the day:

Ok. Someone's wedding dress just fell off a truck in front of island dogs!!! No info on the garment bag. Not sure if this post will work, but if any of you know of a bride looking for her dress we have it at Island Dogs.

German newlywed Sandra Scharf and her new husband Michael eventually realized they'd lost the dress. They were on their return drive from their honeymoon and were getting ready to catch a flight out of Fort Myers, Florida with their 8-month-old twins but chose to head back to Key West, Florida. The couple was organizing a November 2 reception in Germany, and Scharf naturally wanted to wear her wedding dress.

The couple married on Captiva Island on August 22 and had honeymooned in the Keys, which is where the bar in question is located. "My husband put it on top of the car when we were loading the trunk of the car," Scharf said. "We forgot it was on top of the car. We started to drive, and it fell off."

The couple searched the streets, Scharf's husband even offered to get her a new dress, and then finally they walked into the Rum Barrel, a bar just across the street from Island Dogs, with a $500 reward note. This was just a few hours after they had lost the dress, but already many people had checked Facebook.

Julie Lynch recalls she was waiting tables when frantic Scharf handed her the note and simply uttered: "Wedding dress." Thankfully, she was a Facebook user. "I said, 'Oh, I know where it is. I saw it on Facebook this morning,'" Lynch said. She sent the couple across the street to Island Dogs and they returned with the lost item minutes later.

"Everyone was so excited for us," Scharf said of the patrons at Island Dogs. "It was really cute. You never know what people do with something like that. It's nice to see people are honest."

"Next thing I know, they're snapping pics outside Island Dogs with the dress," Lynch said (see picture above). "They stopped and kissed and then they were on their way."

Scharf cried with happiness and tried to pay out the reward, but Thibault refused. "Just because of Facebook, this couple we'd never met was able to find us and find their dress," Thibault said. "That's the power of social media!"

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