Facebook helps woman recover lost engagement ring

Have you lost your engagement ring? Turn to Facebook and get yourself a metal detector.

Facebook can apparently work as a lost and found service, with a little bit of luck, and a metal detector. A woman lost her engagement ring on Takapuna Beach in New Zealand while playing with her son Ethan. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't find it in the sand.

Since she is planning to get married on April 8, 2011, Sarah Wheeler was particularly anxious to recover the ring. Thankfully, she posted a Facebook status update about her lost ring, according to North Shore Times. Lorna Plant, a friend on Facebook, copied Wheeler's status onto her own, asking for her friends to pass it on.

Wheeler's luck struck home the second time around. Estelle Pemberton, Plant's friend but a stranger to Wheeler, offered her the use of her son's metal detector since it had helped find a friend's ring under her house once before.

Wheeler's fiancé Stu Jones and his friend Lance Jump went back to the beach at midnight. After 36 hours of searching, they found the ring buried in the sand.