Facebook hiring more in Sales, Google hiring more in Product

Facebook is looking to hire more Sales people than Product people while Google is looking to hire more Product people than Sales people, according to LinkedIn job postings from Q4 2011 and Q1 2012.

If you take a look at LinkedIn job postings for both Facebook and Google, there's a trend that might not jump out at you immediately. It's there though: Facebook is looking to hire more people in Sales than in Product while Google is looking to hire more people in Product than in Sales.

The finding comes from Capstone Investments (via AllThingsD), which compiled the last few months of postings for the two companies and organized the data into a readable format.

In the two graphs above, Facebook is on the left and Google is on the right. I've shrunk them to fit them side-by-side, but at the same time it's now difficult to make out the exact numbers. That's not what matters though, since Google is obviously hiring more people than Facebook is (at the end of 2011, Google employed 32,467 people while Facebook less than 10 percent of that: 3,200 people).

All you have to know is that Product is in blue and Sales is in red. In both graphs, the first two bars are for Q4 2011 and the last two are for Q1 2012. It's pretty obvious to see that in both cases, Facebook is looking to hire more salespeople than product people and Google is doing the opposite. Also worth noting that Facebook job postings are up 68 percent quarter-over-quarter while Google's listings are up 11 percent.

These charts of course don't account for all the job positions these two companies are looking to fill: it's simply limited to LinkedIn postings. For all we know, Facebook looks for its Product people elsewhere and Google looks for its Sales people elsewhere. That being said, if you remember Google already has its core revenues figured out, while Facebook doesn't, the findings make sense.

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