Facebook intros changes to simplify Open Graph setup for developers

Facebook wraps up its Timeline revisions, which includes rolling out a new interface to all users today.


Facebook finished publishing a number of improvements headed to the front and back ends of Timeline on Tuesday.

Some of the design element changes are more obvious to the average Facebook user. This includes rearranging how posts and life events are displayed on a user's Timeline as well as new app sections that can act as standalone objects on Timeline and About pages.

For developers looking to get their apps integrated into the Open Graph, Facebook has also revised the documentation so that it now automatically generates the reference docs from source code.

Along with offering more sample codes, Facebook has also eliminated the need to configure common actions.

Facebook engineer Jeff Huang previously asserted in a blog post that these changes should simplify getting started with Open Graph because they are more intuitive.

The social network also introduced a new Collections tab, designed to replace "aggregations." This function displays app and activity-driven content. More tips about producing custom Collections is available on the Facebook Developers community.


The new sections user interface is available to all Facebook users as of today.

Screenshots via The Facebook Developers Blog