Facebook is the top social network in Brazil

Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all at the bottom of the list, says research

Facebook is the most accessed social network in Brazil, according to new research published by Serasa Experian.

In November, Facebook had 64.82 percent or all accesses to social networks in the country, according to the research. Brazilian users have spent an average of 27 minutes and 13 seconds per session.

Google's YouTube, which is currently driving a major off-line advertising campaign in Brazil, comes second with 26.04 percent and average log in time of 25 minutes. Yahoo Answers comes third, with 1.47 percent.

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Other networks had a much smaller share of the accesses during November: Twitter had 1,36 percent, followed by Google+ (0.70 percent), Instagram (0.54 percent), Habbo Brasil (0.47 percent), Badoo (0.36 percent) and chatrooms provided by local portal UOL, with 0.35 percent.

Right at the bottom of the list is business networking website LinkedIn, with 0.30 percent of all visits last month.

According to the research, 18-24 olds represent 54.36 percent of users of social networking websites in Brazil, while 25-34 year olds represented 29.77 percent, followed by the 35-44 year old bracket, with 12.67 percent, 45-54 year olds with 2.88 percent and those with 55 years old or older with 0.32 percent.