Facebook kills official Music Player and Discography apps

Facebook has discontinued its official Music Player and Discography apps used by Page administrators. The company is placing all its bets on music streaming.

Facebook recently started warning Page administrators the official Music Player and Discography apps would be discontinued. Now it's happened. All that's left is the following answer to question "What happened to the Music Player and Discography apps on my Facebook Page?" on the Facebook Help Center:

The Facebook Music Player app is being replaced with better ways to incorporate music on your Page. Here are some alternatives you can use:

In other words, Facebook is no longer supporting uploading music to its service because it is throwing its weight behind music streaming. At its 2011 f8 conference, Facebook announced 17 Open Graph launch partners, most of which offered some form of media streaming.

Facebook is betting big on music sharing becoming popular on the social network. The company is thus killing off anything that doesn't work with the newly launched Ticker and the upcoming Timeline and Open Graph rollout.

Facebook did not give users much notice about the axing of the music player. Thankfully it wasn't used by many – the app had only 5,000 monthly active users according to App Data.

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