Facebook launches in-app currency offers

Facebook has launched in-app currency offers. This means when users complete advertiser offers, developers are no longer limited to just Facebook Credits: any virtual currency works.

Facebook has announced that developers can now provide in-app offers in their native currency. Facebook lets users earn virtual currency by completing advertiser offers. For app developers, these offers are a potential additional source of revenue since not all users want to pay for virtual currency.

Previously, developers were limited to Facebook's own virtual currency: users could only earn Facebook Credits by completing offers. The new in-app currency offers product is in addition to the Credits offers product, and you can utilize either or both in your app.

The addition of in-app currency lets developers award users with their own in-app currency upon completing an offer. The pitch is that users are more likely to complete offers that involve the unique currency of the game they're playing.

Facebook Credits was always a great way to leverage money from advertisers by engaging users, but being able to use any virtual currency should improve this strategy further. This is because users don't have to do the math to calculate how much Facebook Credits are worth: they're already playing the game and have an idea of how much its currency is valued at.

There are two options for both types of offers: Offerwall and Dealspot. An Offerwall implementation enables your app to open a Facebook dialog with an interactive list of advertiser offers. A DealSpot implementation lets you prominently spotlight one offer. For more details, please refer to our offers documentation.

For more information, check out documentation on Facebook Developers, including specific examples for Credits Offers and In-app Currency Offers.

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