Facebook launches Moments: Makes privately sharing photos quick and easy

As the summer kicks in gear, people are capturing moments with their smartphone cameras. With the new Moments app you can now quickly and easily share your memories with family and friends.

(Image: Facebook)

My family and I attended three graduation parties and a birthday party this weekend, while I also ran in the Seattle Rock 'n Roll half marathon. Many people captured these events with their cell phone cameras and I was repeatedly asked how to best share the photos.

It's timely that Facebook just announced the exact tool I needed to show people last weekend, called Moments.

As graduation parties continue, summer vacations start up, and people enjoy time with family and friends we now have a very simple way to share these events using the technology in our hands and developed by Facebook.

Moments uses facial recognition to group photos based on your Facebook friends. Right after you install and launch the app, you will be asked if you want to share photo collections with friends recognized in the photos. Your friends can view them in Facebook Messenger or install Moments themselves and enjoy the event where multiple people can share photos.

Using Moments should give you the full picture of the event as different perspectives will be shown as more friends share photos from the same time and geographic location.

Moments is a private way to share and enjoy photos. The photos are not publicly shared on Facebook. Samsung tried something like this before with Samsung phones, but the experience was clumsy and nothing like what was advertised in movie theaters around the country.

I was frustrated last night trying to share images since the LG G4 and HTC One M9 capture high resolution shots that limited how many I could share via email. I installed Moments and so far am enjoying the easy of sharing photos with family.

Moments is available now for iOS and Android devices in the US. It will be coming to other countries in the future.

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