Facebook launches two new advertising awards

Facebook has launched two new advertising awards: the Facebook Studio Awards and the CLIO Special Recognition Award for Facebook Integrated Media.

Facebook has launched two new advertising awards, just in time to be recognized for 2011. The first, pictured above on the left, is called Facebook Studio Awards, and the second, pictured on the right, is the CLIO Special Recognition Award for Facebook Integrated Media.

The deadline for the Facebook Studio Awards is December 31, 2011. It was created to recognize the agencies that are behind some of the best campaigns on Facebook.

The judges look for work that exemplifies the following criteria:

  • Is the campaign social? Are people and social interactions at the core of the idea? Does it motivate people to share?
  • Does it make full use of Facebook marketing products? Does the campaign take advantage of Facebook’s full potential?
  • Does it integrate with other media? Is the Facebook idea part of a larger multimedia campaign?
  • Does it scale? Is it easy for people to interact with and share your content?

Agencies and brands are expected to submit campaigns that include:

  • An inspired, well-executed idea that people want to share
  • Ideas with staying power that transform businesses through social technology
  • Innovative uses of Facebook that make something happen through sharing

The above outline isn't set in stone: in summary, the jury will present Facebook Studio Awards to all entries they deem outstanding examples of marketing with Facebook. If you win, not only will you get the award, but your campaign will also be featured on Facebook Studio in 2012.

To submit your work, click on the "Submit Your Work" button on the top right-hand of Facebook Studio. All work published to Facebook Studio is automatically in the running.

For the uninitiated, Facebook Studio, is Facebook's website where advertising agencies and clients can publish examples of campaigns they've run on the social network. The point is to help other marketers figure out how to take advantage of Facebook.

"The days of talking at consumers are over," the award's description explains. "Businesses thrive when they are connected to people and their friends. Marketing in a connected world requires campaigns that are grounded in social insights, real connections and authentic conversations. We created the Facebook Studio Award to recognize the agencies and brands that are pioneering this shift."

The deadline for the CLIO Special Recognition Award for Facebook Integrated Media is January 20, 2012. The Entry Guidelines (12-page PDF) for this one are much more particular. That's because the entries are expected to combine Facebook with one or more traditional mediums such as film, print, and out of home, in a new and innovative way. For reference, make sure to check out the winners for 2011.

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