Facebook moves or removes the Ticker, for some

Facebook has moved or removed the Ticker feature for some of its users. It's not clear what exactly the social networking giant is testing, but apparently the Ticker could still change in the near future.

Facebook regularly tests various tweaks and changes to its design, especially for new features. Some users are reporting that the company has removed their Ticker from their Facebook account (thanks James for the tip!), or moved it and rebranded it under the Notifications menu.

This issue has nothing to do with their browser or operating system: regardless of what combination they use, the Ticker does not appear as it is for everyone else. The change is tied to their Facebook account. I doubt that Facebook is considering removing the Ticker completely, considering it started rolling it out to everyone less than three months ago, but it is still experimenting with it.

Certain users have noted that the company is removing it for accounts that aren't very active (less than 100 friends). They've noted that it disappears and comes back for them as their number of friends fluctuates around the 100 mark, but again this is not happening to everyone. Furthermore, many users who have very active Facebook accounts (hundreds or even thousands of friends) are finding they no longer have the new feature.

Facebook is definitely testing something related to the Ticker and notifications. My friend recently told me his Notifications drop-down menu no longer pans out to the right, like it always has. When he clicks on the little globe icon, it drops down and goes to the left. I thought little of this at the time, but it turns out this could be related to the Ticker mystery.

In fact, some users are noting their Ticker has been moved to replace their Notifications drop-down menu. That's right, when they click on the little Notifications icon, a Ticker column appears on the left-hand side of the website (it doesn't pan right anymore). The menu is still referred to as Notifications, but it works exactly like the Ticker. These users no longer see the Ticker on the right-hand side of the website.

I can't report on every single change Facebook tests with its users, but these three changes appear to be closely related. I have contacted Palo Alto to find out more information and will update this article if I hear back.

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