Facebook: no one asks to buy the company anymore

In a recent interview, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talk about how no one ever asks to buy the company anymore.

Last week, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as well as the company's COO Sheryl Sandberg sat down with PBS broadcast journalist Charlie Rose. The interview aired earlier this week and contains many juicy details on a variety of topics.

One of the subject matters discussed was selling Facebook to a larger company. Zuckerberg was already talking about Steve Jobs at this point, so Apple was brought up. Here's how he and Sandberg responded:

Charlie Rose: Did he ever suggest that Apple might buy Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg: No. I don't think it ever really got there. I mean, nor would I have wanted to sell it. He -- and I remember talking to him --

Sheryl Sandberg: And I think he would have known that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. And I -- I mean --

Sheryl Sandberg: I talked to you about this and like I think --

Charlie Rose: About what, about the buying --

Sheryl Sandberg: I think he understood Mark enough to know that Mark didn't want to sell his company because he didn't want to sell --

Charlie Rose: Did he raise the question with you?

Sheryl Sandberg: No, but he -- I think he --

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Sheryl Sandberg: -- having talked to him about Facebook and Apple, I -- he didn't raise it, but I don't think he would have because he would have understood that about Mark.

Mark Zuckerberg: Actually, I mean, I think there was --

Sheryl Sandberg: He's just like him. He wouldn't have wanted to sell his company.

Naturally, Microsoft was also mentioned, given how close the two companies are:

Charlie Rose: You've had -- I mean, Microsoft owns a piece of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hmm.

Charlie Rose: You've had an opportunity I'm sure to sell. You will never sell. Is that fair? Is that a fair --

Sheryl Sandberg: No one even asks anymore.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Charlie Rose: It's too big. Nobody can afford you anymore.

Sheryl Sandberg: Exactly.

Charlie Rose: Is that the essential idea?

Sheryl Sandberg: Yeah.

Then the question was reversed:

Charlie Rose: But -- and you, I mean, can you imagine wanting to buy somebody?

Mark Zuckerberg: We buy companies all the time.

Charlie Rose: I know, but they're small, small companies.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Charlie Rose: And they're companies driven by certain expertise.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, you know --

Charlie Rose: -- or certain software.

The point of the question was to see if Facebook would ever buy a large company, but this was easily deflected. At least for now, Palo Alto is quite happy with simply scooping up startups. In fact, it acquired two small companies just this week: Strobe and Digital Staircase.

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