Facebook now lets you caption and locate photos as they upload

Facebook is updating Facebook Photos once again. As your photos upload, you can now watch the progress in real-time and add information before it's complete.

Three months after its last major update, Facebook today announced a small but significant improvement to its Facebook Photos product. The new version of the Photos uploader will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

When you upload photos to an album, this update allows you to see each photo as it uploads and watch the upload progress in real-time. Furthermore, Facebook has changed its system so you don't have to wait for the album to finish uploading before you start adding details and stories.

You can start adding captions and location information to each of your photos right away. You can also add an album title, description, and location at the top of the uploader. Just as before, you can choose who can see your album before you post and track how long your upload will take.

Facebook sees over 250 million photos uploaded each day. The social network is the biggest photo sharing website on the Internet.

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