Facebook photo sharing app for iPhone killed (rumor)

The Facebook photo sharing app for iPhone that never saw the light of day... will never see the light of day. Facebook is, however, planning to do something with mobile and photos.

Remember the Facebook photo sharing app for iPhone that was never released? Screenshots of it leaked last summer but then we never heard of it again, although there was a rumor two months later that claimed Facebook was planning to take on Instagram with its own photo filters. We haven't heard more details of either, and that's because the project is dead, according to a source cited by Business Insider.

Unsurprisingly, the leaked screenshots were not of a complete and ready-to-ship app, but of some very basic development work. In other words, the photos were renderings of what a new Facebook photos app for the iPhone could look like.

Don't worry though, Facebook is supposedly working on improving the photo-taking and photo-sharing experience for its 425 million mobile users. It just so happens that the team working on the problem is different than the one that was tackling it last the summer. When Facebook's product manager for photos, Sam Odio, left the company in the fall, he was replaced by a man named Dirk Stoop. It's not clear whether Stoop decided against following what Odio had outlined when he took charge, or if the project never got very far in the first place. Either way, that app, however much of it existed, is now dead.

Something new is brewing though. In particular, it's worth remember that Facebook acquired photo and video app maker Digital Staircase just three months ago.

Last year, Facebook moved away from developing a single smartphone app when it released Facebook Messenger for Android and iPhone after its Beluga purchase. This was followed by a BlackBerry version soon after.

There are whispers that Facebook Messenger may one day be merged back into the Facebook app, but right now it looks like Menlo Park is eager to try more standalone apps. Photos are huge on the social network: 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily. A dedicated Facebook photo (and video?) app thus makes sense.

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