Facebook removes "hide all posts" option from News Feed

Facebook no longer hide all posts made by a Page. Furthermore, the option to hide all posts made by a friend is buried deeper into the user interface.

Facebook has recently removed the option to hide all posts from the drop-down menu for editing posts in the News Feed. Many users, myself included, are now just seeing the options to "Hide this post" and "Report post or spam."

Previously, the drop-down menu had a "Hide all by [Your Friend or Page]" option, according to Inside Facebook. Now, it has disappeared and the way to manage posts in your News Feed has changed.

If you click the "Hide this post" option for a post made by your Facebook friend, you will then be given three options: Undo, Hide all by [Your Friend], and Unfriend [Your Friend]. If your friend used an app to make the post, you'll also see an option to Hide all by [App's Name].

If you click the "Hide this post" option for a post made by a Facebook Page you have Liked, you will then be given two options: Undo and Unlike Page. In short, this essentially means that if you Like a Page, you are going to get posts in your News Feed from it. If you don't want to get posts from the Page, you'll have to Unlike it.

For users, this is an annoying change, but it's only one that those who have Liked a lot of Pages will notice. Facebook's stance continues to be: if you opted-in, this is how things are going to work. That means, if you friend someone or Like a Page, you're going to receive updates from them. Of course, Facebook's algorithms still evaluate what posts to show you based on what friends and Pages you interact with frequently. If you want to see everything that your friends do, don't worry, the Ticker is coming.

For Page owners, this a great change. It means that users can no longer hide all your content if they have explicitly said they Like your Page. Furthermore, the option to Unlike a Page is now buried deeper into the user interface (to reiterate: it's no longer in the drop-down menu and only appears after you choose to hide a post). Some Page owners have complained in the past that they don't get enough visibility in the News Feed – this change should help them out a bit.

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