Facebook roadshow kicks off with a video, IPO prospectus released

Facebook has released the promotional video for its initial public offering (IPO) roadshow and has also published its prospectus for investors. The company is expected to go public later this month.

After setting a $28 to $35 IPO price range today, Facebook today also released the promotional video for its initial public offering (IPO) roadshow as well its prospectus for investors. The prospectus (embedded above) essentially includes the same information as Facebook's latest S-1 IPO filing with some significantly improved formatting.

The video has five sections: Facebook's mission, products and platform, advertising, finance, and its future. First up is Facebook CFO David Ebersman, followed by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (in jeans and a T-shirt), and then we hear from Facebook VP of Product Chris Cox as well as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Since the 30-minute video cannot be embedded, you can watch the full thing here, after clicking through the SEC disclaimer: facebook.retailroadshow.com/launch.html.

Here's Zuckerberg's introduction:

I grew up with the Internet. You know in middle school I used search engines like Google and Yahoo and I just thought they were the most amazing thing. This complete symbol of the age we live in, where now you have access to all of this information. The thing that seemed like it was missing was always just people, right. So, the most interesting stuff that you care about the most is actually whats going on in the lives of your friends, or the people around you. And, um, there wasn't really any way for that to be on the web. People had to share that themselves. That wasn't just out there ready to be indexed.

Most companies post a video of their roadshow pitch that just consists of the CEO, in a suit, pointing to numbers in a PowerPoint presentation for Wall Street investors to drool over. Facebook's roadshow video resembles more of a very long commercial that goes back and forth between multiple executives who talk about why Facebook is different.

Facebook is rumored to launch its actual roadshow next week and go public in two weeks. Shares are expected to be priced on May 17, with trading beginning on May 18.

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