Facebook Search now includes your status, check-ins, posts

Graph Search adds more content to what one can search, increasing its usefulness for businesses to keep tabs on what people are saying

Seems like this went under the radar... While search on Facebook was enabled earlier this year, this week the social media network expanded its search feature by including posts, comments, captions, check-ins, and status updates. It's not activated for everyone yet, but you may want to review your privacy settings to remind yourself of exactly what you want visible by friends and the public.

Previously I wrote about how businesses can prepare for Graph Search . With the ability now to search posts made at certain locations or about different topics, it's even easier for businesses to get an understanding of what people are saying about them on Facebook.

For example, to "listen in" on what people are saying at my restaurant, I can search:

- "Posts about Standing Sushi Bar"

- "Posts written at Standing Sushi Bar"

- "Photos taken at Standing Sushi Bar"

...and on, and on.

Let's see if anyone can build a tool to make monitoring this information easier.