Facebook sets up alerts system for developers

Facebook has set up a new system to keep developers up to date with changes and critical information about their apps.


Facebook has added a new tool to its repertoire for app developers in the form of a new alerts system.

The concept behind Developer Alerts is simple as they're just a way for the world's largest social network to occasionally provide its third-party app developers with critical information about their apps via Facebook notifications and/or email.

Facebook has outlined a bunch of potential use cases as to when developers might expect an alert. Examples range from when Open Graph submissions are approved/denied to appeals over violations.


The alerts system will begin rolling out to apps today with the plan to have it enabled for all apps in the coming weeks.

Just in case anyone is on the lookout for an alert, the Facebook Developers team warned that most developers won't receive alerts very frequently, but that the point is to provide a "helpful way to understand and track issues with your app."

Also note that alerts can be targeted to users based on their different roles for a given app, whether they are admins, testers, Insights users and so on. Thus, not all alerts will be be received and seen by all users -- with the exception of the app's administrators.

Images via The Facebook Developers Blog