Facebook setting up free mobile access site with global roll-out planned

Facebook has launched 0.facebook.com, a new mobile, text-only version of the site that should be free from data charges.

Facebook has developed another way to help you waste time and keep you constantly logged in.

The social networking giant has launched 0.facebook.com, a new mobile, text-only version of the site that should be free from data charges.

Branded as fast and free, 0.facebook.com will include some of the standard features, like viewing the News Feed, updating status messages and sending/replying to messages. Data fees will only apply if you start to scroll through photos and/or visit external sites from the 0.facebook.com page.

The stripped-down version will be available in 45 countries and on over 50 mobile providers to start. Facebook is already planning a second round of their global roll-out to additional countries, along with support on more service providers in countries where the service will already be up and running.  For a full list, visit the post on the official Facebook blog for a glance.