Facebook Social Ads are no longer just a test (video)

Facebook has revealed that Social Ads and Sponsored Stories now appear on the majority of its site's page views.

Facebook's social ads are no longer just one of the many tests the social networking giant is running on its website. The majority of Facebook page views now display a Social Ad or a Sponsored Story.

Gokul Rajaram, Facebook''s Product Director of Ads, made the revelation at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this week. As you can see in the video embedded above, he also notes that including social information in Facebook Ads leads to a 68 percent increase in ad recall (meaning people actually remember the ad) and a four times higher likelihood of buying a product.

"Facebook Ads are essentially based on the premise that people want to discover what their friends are doing," Rajaram said. "They are fundamentally interested in things like what are my friends buying, what places they are going to, where they are eating, etc. So our ads are designed to create amazing social discovery experiences. Social Ads are essentially a brand message viewed through a prism of your friends' lens."

Rajaram believes that most people prefer getting to know a brand through their friends rather than directly from the brand – that's what social ads are all about. As a result, users become customers not just because they are exposed to a brand's ads, but because their friends support those brands.

Facebook is pitching Social Ads as a core advantage over the competition, which really makes a lot of sense. The social networking giant is leveraging how its members interact with each other so that advertisers can have more successful marketing campaigns. Nobody has a social graph as massive and intricate as Facebook has managed to build, and that's why the company's Social Ads are so unique.

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