Facebook testing Suggested Events

Facebook is testing a new feature: Suggested Events. It gives you options for what to do based on which events your friends are considering, your check-ins, your Likes, and what music you listen to.

Facebook this week started testing a new feature for its service: Suggested Events. As the name implies, the new option provides users with a list of events they may want to attend, even if they were not explicitly invited.

Suggested Events is hidden under the Events tab on the left-hand side (much like how other messages only shows up when you open Messages, it only appears when you click on Events). It is also available directly at facebook.com/events/suggestions/.

I contacted Facebook to find out more about the new feature. "We're testing the Suggested Events feature with a small percentage of users to offer people more events they might be interested in," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "In addition to recommending events that your friends are attending, we're also suggesting events based on your likes and checkins and music you listen to through apps."

Suggested Events replaces the old Friends Events menu option. Instead of just looking at what your friends are doing, the new feature takes more into consideration. In short, Facebook's offering will be competition for event discovery websites and apps.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have two suggested events for today. The first suggestion for me is an event one of my friends is attending and the second is an event one of my friends might attend. I don't have any other types of suggestions because I don't have any checking, not many Likes, nor do I listen to music through the apps.

Facebook is constantly testing new features, user interface tweaks, and other changes for its service. Some of these stay on and become part of the Facebook experience while others are quickly dropped and either forgotten or brought back with a twist. I think Suggested Events will be of the former type.

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