Facebook testing two new mobile security features

Facebook is slowly rolling out two new features: Mobile Social Reporting and Mobile Password Reset.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook has brought over two of its most popular security tools – social reporting and the ability to reset your password – to its mobile platform. The social networking giant had "a few" of its engineers working on porting the features. "Our team is working hard to improve your experience on Facebook both on the web and on mobile," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

Mobile Social Reporting (left screenshot above) is now being tested on m.facebook.com and over the coming months it will be added to all mobile devices. Mobile Password Reset (right screenshot above) lets you get back on Facebook if you ever forget your password or get locked out of your account: you can now choose the email address where you want to receive recovery links, and Facebook is also offering additional ways to confirm your identity. Both features are being rolled out slowly to gather feedback and implement improvements before a complete launch.

In March 2011, Facebook announced Social Reporting (Photo Gallery), and the following month expanded it to other parts of the site, including Profiles, Pages, and Groups. The tool allows you to notify a member of your community, in addition to Facebook, when you see something offensive or inappropriate.

If you don't like a photo of yourself that someone uploaded, you can use Social Reporting to ask him or her to take it down. Facebook says it is simply facilitating communication between the two parties involved; in fact, almost 70 percent of reported photos get removed by the owner.

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