Facebook Timeline includes 60 new media partners, will welcome any app

After first being unveiled at F8 2011 last fall, Facebook's Open Graph is now available for developers interesting in building basically any lifestyle app they choose.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook is heavily advancing its Timeline project with two major product announcements.

First, Facebook has signed on over 60 new partners that are integrating with the social network to help "you tell your story in a whole list of new ways," covering everything from food to fashion to fitness to travel. Thus, the Open Graph is now available.

Essentially, you'll be able to share nearly any type of information or activity online (that you want to, so long as you mind your privacy settings) without actually having to visit Facebook -- once the apps are installed, of course.

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The second piece of news is that Facebook will begin approving any application that wants to integrate with Facebook's Timeline via Open Graph starting immediately. Facebook hopes to have all actions previously submitted approved within the next month.

Facebook first unveiled Timeline and Open Graph at F8 2011 in September with a handful of media partners onboard at the time, and the dramatic revamp of the profile page design was rolled out to users in December.

The list of new partners does include large businesses like Ticketmaster, but there also seems to be a special emphasis on big and budding startups such as Zynga, Airbnb, Foodspotting, and Pinterest.

Facebook reps tried to keep the press event "super casual" on Wednesday, and few details were revealed that were not already disclosed on the Facebook Developers Blog prior to the reception.

Earlier on Wednesday, Facebook offered more information about a new privacy setting that allows users to control who can see their app activity on the social network.

This also includes the addition of headline and description areas people can learn more about apps before installing them. You might have already run into some of the new privacy options put in place, including permission requests about both posting to Facebook and managing your events for you in advance.