Facebook to bring Timeline to Pages this month (rumor)

The new Timeline profile is mandatory for almost all of Facebook's 845 million users. Next, Facebook plans to move all its Pages to the new design as well, meaning brands will have Timelines too.

We've known for a while now that Facebook is planning to bring its new Timeline profile to Pages. Now we're hearing it will happen as soon as this month in the U.S., starting with a beta for a handful of partners and a gradual release to more marketers, according to executives briefed on the company's plans cited by AdAge.

More specifically, the most likely date for Facebook to unveil Timeline for Pages would be the last day of the month. Since this year is a leap year, that means February 29, 2012. That's when the company's first Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) is taking place. The day-long conference in New York is specifically for marketers.

"We believe that consistency in both functionality and appearance increase use of Facebook," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "We hope to make Pages more consistent with the Timeline in the future, but we have nothing further to share at this time."

It's not clear what Timeline for Pages will look like. One can assume, however, that brands will be able to add information to any point in time, including historical events for a company, as well as feature apps they build. Some companies have already created Timelines for marketing purposes, but this upcoming update will give them specific tools to do so, meaning they won't have to create a new user account and a new profile; they'll just have to update their current Pages.

Last month, Facebook started rolling out Timeline to all its users. Pages will likely get the same treatment: a mandatory move to the Timeline look.

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