Facebook to make $1 billion from social gaming this year

Facebook will make an estimated $1 billion from social gaming this year, most of which will come from advertising.

Facebook will generate an estimated $1 billion in revenue from social gaming this year. The majority of this revenue will come from advertising, but some will come from Facebook Credits, the social network's currency for purchasing content on the site. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is declining to comment.

Kevin Ryan, a leading Internet entrepreneur and former chief executive of online advertising giant DoubleClick, made the prediction in an interview with Reuters this week. Ryan's brother, Sean Ryan, became director of gaming partnerships at Facebook in early 2011, and the two likely share information on a regular basis.

Facebook is a private company and so it doesn't have to disclose financial information. The company is going public next year, possibly as soon as Q1 2012. The website's initial public offering (IPO) could be very high, given that its valuation has been predicted to top $100 billion.

Zynga, the dominant developer of social games on Facebook, just filed for an IPO today, and the number is (coincidentally?) $1 billion. Zynga reported that its 2010 revenue was $597 million, compared to $121 million for 2009, and 19 million for 2008.