Facebook to move Seattle office next year, hire more engineers

Facebook is looking to move its Seattle office to a larger location early next year. The goal is to have more room for its engineering talent in the city.

Facebook is planning to move its Seattle engineering office next year to a new downtown location twice the size of the existing space. The move, which is slated for February 2012, is being made to create room for additional growth beyond the 60 engineers that already work there.

The new 27,000 square feet location is at 1730 Minor Avenue. The current First Avenue and Stewart Street location is less than half the size.

Facebook opened its Seattle office in August 2010. At the time, there were only three local employees. Now, there are over 60. Next year, there could be almost 200. Of course, this number is just a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of employees the Web giant plans to house in Menlo Park.

The location is currently the largest Facebook engineering center outside of Palo Alto and has contributed to various projects, including the recently-launched iPad app and Video Calling feature. The latter, which is powered by Skype, makes sense to keep developing in Seattle, given that Microsoft now owns Skype.

"We're excited to announce that we're moving to a new office space in downtown Seattle early next year," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement captioning the above photo. "This move will give us room to keep growing as we continue hiring the best engineers we can find. Take a look at our new view!"