Facebook to update Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Facebook will be updating its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities later this week. The company is showing all the changes in advance and letting its users comment on each of them.

Update: Facebook examining comments on terms of service changes

Facebook has made some changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to bring it more in line with its own Facebook Principles. This affects all Facebook users: everyone who uses the social network has to be in accordance with its terms of service. Facebook users can comment until March 22, 2012.

Facebook has listed some of the changes it is making:

  • Sharing Your Content and Information. Facebook says it has updated the language to be clearer and consistent with what has long been reflected in its Data Use Policy and its practices – that when you, or friends you have authorized to see your information, use an App, you are sharing your info with that App, which is what you consented to when you installed the App.
  • Safety. In this section, Facebook has changed the language from "hateful" content to "hate speech" because it thinks the term "hate speech" better captures its policy on prohibited content, which hasn't changed. This is also consistent with the company's new "Community Standards."
  • Special Provisions Applicable to Social Plugins. This section previously applied to Share Links, but those provisions also apply to the use of all Social Plugins. Facebook has thus replaced references to Share Links with Social Plugins.
  • Special Provisions Applicable to Software. Facebook says it wants to ensure its products, which may include downloadable products, are current. The company has added this section to give you notice that it may provide upgrades and updates to your downloaded products as they become available. Additionally, Facebook has included language that prohibits users from trying to extract protected source code from its products unless it has granted the user express permission.

You can view a 9-page document of the tracked changes (PDF). Lastly, you can comment on the changes in English here: Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Update.

"We think these updates will help you understand more about how Facebook works," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "As part of our site governance process, you have a chance to review these proposed updates and give us feedback by commenting on them before we finalize the changes."

The last time Facebook updated the document was in April 2011.

Update: Facebook examining comments on terms of service changes

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