Facebook tweaks app reporting options

Facebook has modified the reporting options for apps on the social network. You, the developer, should also be aware of two upcoming breaking changes on March 1, 2012.

Facebook recently introduced new options for users to report issues with apps on the social network. The company said it changed the app reporting flow to provide consistent reporting options and to let developers get feedback directly from users. When a user selects either the "Report/Contact this App" link at the bottom of a canvas page or the "Report App" link from the Auth Dialog or Request channel, they will now be presented with more granular options on what type of issue they want to report.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new "Report or Contact App" dialog box has the following options:

  • I'm reporting a bug or loading issue within the app.
  • I'm reporting the app for spam.
  • I'm having an issue with a payment or virtual goods purchase in [App name].
  • I'm reporting abusive content within the app.
  • Data Issue.

The different options route you either to the developer or to Facebook, depending on the particular issue. If the developer has provided their own User Support URL, located under the "Advanced" tab in the developer app, users will be directed to the developer's help center to report a bug in the app or issues with load time. If the developer does not provide a User Support URL, Facebook will send an e-mail report to the user support e-mail address listed.

Previously, Facebook was seeing users report issues such as bug reports to the company instead of the developer. The social networking giant says this is now corrected in the new flow, which applies to all apps.

Facebook is also reminding developers of the following breaking changes on March 1, 2012:

  • Removing the third settled callback from Payments (announced in November 2011). To ensure the best experience for users, Facebook is asking developers to ensure that they are fulfilling the order in the callback with status=placed. Once Facebook calls you with status=placed and you respond with settled, the transaction will be complete and you will be paid. You should not be waiting for the settled callback before fulfilling the order.
  • Returning up to 960px wide photos in "photo" FQL table and photo Graph API (announced August 2011). Facebook this week will begin returning photos up to 960px wide in the src_big field of the photo FQL table, as well as the source field of the photo object, increasing the current max width of 720px.

If you haven't acted on these two items yet, you have less than 48 hours!

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