Facebook unveils easy-to-deploy datacenter blueprint plan

When in Sweden, Facebook is evidently doing as the Swedish do.


Say what you want about Facebook's latest News Feed revamp, but the world's largest social network is quite remarkable in the way it manages data.

Sure, some of the ways information is displayed and to whom might come off as creepy once in a while. But the Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered operation has an incredibly complex infrastructure working behind the scenes, much of which was built in-house.

That includes the datacenters where all of this magic happens. Facebook has four datacenters worldwide , including one in Sweden that is being expanded at the moment .

And when in Sweden, Facebook is evidently doing as the Swedish do, which includes laying out a clear blueprint for building that should result in a simple but functional (and even timeless) look.

Described by a Facebook spokesperson as a "new Ikea-inspired" plans, the Luleå, Sweden location is getting a second facility, which will serve as the model for the social network's new architecture concept, dubbed as the "rapid deployment data center," or RDDC for short.

Facebook design engineer Marco Magarelli explained further in a blog post on Friday that this concept should enable Facebook to expand capacity as twice as fast as it does currently.

Magarelli went on to explain the nuts and bolts of the proposal, some of which was previously revealed amid the Open Compute Summit in January .

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the RDDC design started out as a hack. Here's a snippet:

Our previous data center designs have called for a high capacity roof structure that carries the weight of all our distribution and our cooling penthouse; this type of construction requires a lot of work on lifts and assembly on site. Instead, as Ikea has done by packing all the components of a bookcase efficiently into one flat box, we sought to develop a concept where the walls of a data center would be panelized and could fit into standard modules that would be easily transportable to a site.

Not quite an out-of-the-box datacenter scheme yet, but it's certainly getting there.

Without providing a breaking ground date, Facebook plans to begin construction on its second datacenter in Luleå soon

Image via Facebook/Open Compute Project

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