Facebook: Worth $100 billion after IPO?

Facebook will be in a rich neighborhood after its IPO and potentially be worth more than Cisco, Disney and Amazon.

Facebook is reportedly planning an initial public offering in April or June 2012 with the goal of raising $10 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is in discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission about an IPO.

If successful, Facebook would raise about $10 billion and be valued at $100 billion. The company also has a prospectus ready to roll at any time.

It has been fairly obvious for a while that Facebook would go public in 2012. The biggest question is whether Facebook missed its window to maximize its funding.

To put Facebook's $100 billion potential valuation in perspective consider the following:

  • Cisco is valued at $96.8 billion as of market close.
  • Intel is worth $119.46 billion.
  • Facebook would be worth about half of Google's market cap of $190 billion. Microsoft's market cap is $209 billion.
  • Disney is worth $61 billion.
  • Amazon is worth $88.3 billion.

In other words, Facebook will be in a rich neighborhood among tech companies.