Facebook's Android play could be boon for HTC

Should HTC be Facebook's hardware partner for a social phone the smartphone maker could get a revenue boost and more scale to compete with Samsung.

HTC is an underdog in the Android landscape, has to battle Samsung's scale and Apple's knack for design. It's a tall order that could be made a bit easier with the help of Facebook.

According to a Facebook invitation, the company will outline its new home on Android April 4.



Reports from TechCrunch and a few others are betting that Facebook's Android overlay would go along with HTC hardware. If these reports play out, HTC would likely see unit volume pick up and perhaps even have a hit on its hands.

A Facebook phone business model could look like Google's Nexus program. Facebook would embed natively social features on a device's home screen and hardware makers would line up as a partner.

For HTC, there's not much to lose. The company needs to make a few big bets to juice revenue growth.