Facebook's move from Palo Alto to Menlo Park almost complete

Come Monday, Facebook will no longer operate out of Palo Alto, California. Instead, the company's official headquarters will be located at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94205.

Facebook's big move from Palo Alto, California, to Menlo Park, California should be completed this weekend. In fact, 1 Hacker Way is scheduled to officially become the social networking giant's new headquarters on Monday. There won't be a formal opening event, however; next week will be business as usual, according to SF Gate.

The transfer was spread across three separate waves. The first, consisting of about 500 employees, started in mid-August. The second wave was last weekend and this weekend is supposed to be the third and final wave, consisting of engineering, design and product teams.

Facebook has operated out of Palo Alto since June 2004, four months after the company was founded in Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard University dorm room. In February 2011, Facebook announced plans to move to Menlo Park so that it could have more room for its quickly growing number of employees. The social networking giant signed a 15-year lease on the old Sun Microsystems campus, and renamed the ring road around the East Campus "Hacker Way" from Sun's previous "Network Circle."

That wasn't enough though. Facebook is also building a second campus across the street and joining the two with an underground tunnel. Ultimately, the company wants to be able to house 9,400 employees. Eventually, Facebook hopes up to 6,600 workers will occupy the nine-building East Campus (57 acres) and as many as 2,800 workers will be in the five-building West Campus (22 acres). A tunnel under Highway 84 (bottom right in the picture above) will connect the two campuses.

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