Fans of embedded Linux get their own portal

Linux supporters don't just want to be taken seriously at the desktop -- now they want to play in the commercial embedded device arena

A new portal launches this week, aimed squarely at developers and users of embedded Linux systems. is the brain child of Rick Lehrbaum, founder of Ampro Computers, the company that invented the PC/104 embedded PC standard. The portal, currently under-construction, is intended as a resource centre for people wanting to deploy Linux in non-desktop applications.

The site says it will host continuously updated information related to single-board computers, chips, tools and support, while highlighting commercial standards, such as MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux, Cygnus' EL/IX and Lineo's Embedix, as well as numerous open source offerings including RTLinux, Small Linux, LOAF (Linux on a Floppy) and so on.

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