​Fasoo's Wrapsody offers behavioral analytics for max workspace output

Fasoo says its Wrapsody enterprise document platform has evolved to a workspace collaboration tool that minimises ROT information and maximises worker performances with behavioral analytics.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Wrapsody's graphical interface shows how much an employee revised, viewed, and engaged inbound or outbound documents.

Image: Fasoo

Fasoo has updated its Wrapsody enterprise document platform solution with behavioral analytics to solve issues with information management and ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) data, the company said.

Wrapsody collects actual usage logs wherever documents are and offers an easy-to-view graphical interface that shows how much an employee revised, viewed, and engaged inbound or outbound documents.

It compares the employee's activities on unstructured data with the assigned target as well as percentage comparison to group average and company average. It also provides analytics on their usage patterns and trends of a specific user or group.

It has been "impossible" to collect this quality of log data, especially from unstructured data, Fasoo said, but Wrapsody will now allow companies to apply behavioral analytics to drastically improve collaboration in the workplace.

"Wrapsody's background as offering security in the document-level has provided us with indispensable know-how on tracking and analysing large caches of documents spread around everywhere," said Jason Sohn, principal consultant of Fasoo, in an interview with ZDNet. "We provide reliable and clean data and guarantee the gathering of actual usage logs of all enterprise documents with rich context no matter the location of documents."

"We are confident that businesses will better sort out their unstructured data to gain actionable insights to promote workspace collaboration and maximize output."

The solution, launched back in 2015, provides instant version control and back-up at the rendering application level. Rather than having a separate system to manage version control and data, the functionality is built into the files themselves so that they are secure and up-to-date, no matter what devices they are transferred to. Using its Persistent ID technology, user access and version control is done at the file level by leveraging metadata.

"In today's age, you cannot ask businesses to sacrifice security," said Kyugon Cho, CEO of Fasoo. "But we also live in an age where there are so many tools such as email, messenger, content management system, cloud storage, to social network systems.

"These tools are no doubt helpful but they also create ROT information. Wrapsody offers air-tight security but also allows businesses to encompass all these tools without creating ROT information for maximum efficacy."

Fasoo is also developing a consulting program in collaboration with consulting firms that will aim to help clients better control digital assets. "We call it Internet of Documents, IoD," Cho said. "IoD and continued digital evolution will see documents stored in even more myriad of devices and tools. Enterprise solution must adapt to these changes."

The company will be showcasing the unstructured data security and enterprise document platform solutions at the 2018 RSA cyber security conference on April 16-19, held in San Francisco.

Fasoo is the one of largest enterprise data security vendor in South Korea, and has corporate headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, and North American headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Its 1,300 clients include local oil giant S-Oil, and its solutions are used by 2.5 million users worldwide.


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