Faulty memory chip hits Palm

If you have a Palm handheld, you should read this story

A number of Palm handheld computers contain a faulty memory chip that could damage stored data, the device manufacturer revealed Wednesday.

Palm has posted a software patch to its Web site, at http://www.palm.com/support/dram/, which it says will remedy the problem.

The company says that approximately three percent of the its Palm IIIc, IIIxe and Vx handheld computers contain a defective 8MB of DRAM.

According to Palm, the problem may cause faulty devices to damage stored information such as addresses and appointments.

"One of the suppliers of DRAM components provided Palm with a faulty component that can cause random data to be written on the Palm device," says a message on Palm's site.

Only devices sold between October 1999 and May 2000 are affected by the problem and all Palms with 2MB and 4MB of memory are immune, the company said.