FBI releases Steve Jobs' background check: What's inside

Steve Jobs' background check with the FBI has just been released under a Freedom of Information Act request. Jobs was being considered by the George H. W. Bush administration for a position in the President's Export Council.

The FBI has released under a Freedom of Information Act request a background check performed on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in October last year.

The background check was done because Jobs was being considered for the U.S. President's Export Council, a group of industry and business leaders who offer advise and expertise on how best to promote exports, according to the White House.

While most of the text is bureaucracy and jargon baffling to most, the background check offers a fascinating insight into what Steve Jobs was like, who he was like as a man, and even his views on politics and his fellow person.

You can also take a read for yourself. The document is hosted by the FBI. Below are the details of his background check with the bureaucracy removed.

Page 38: "Twist the truth" and "distort reality"

Page 57: Not showing co-operation

Page 66: Steve Jobs' "initial lack of support" for child

Page 79: Jobs wasn't very academic

Page 132--133: Clean as a whistle, gets on well with others

Page 137: Details of his Presidential appointment

Page 163: More details of his Presidential appointment

Page 184--186: An extortion attempt