Federal government data center closings: 2011 report card

The government appears to be ahead of schedule in its plan to close more than half of its data centers by 2015.

InformationWeek's J. Nicholas Hoover provides a great look at the progress made so far in the federal government's efforts to shutter and consolidate more than half of it's 2,094 data centers by 2015.

Things are running ahead of schedule, in fact -- the government is already on track to close 472 data centers by the end of 2012.The Department of Defense, which accounts for a third of data centers, already shuttered 52 of them in fiscal 2011.

as part of this effort, the government hopes -- by employing virtualization and cloud computing -- to increase average server utilization rates from the current range of 7% to 15% to 60% to 70%.

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