Feel-good ISP offers flat rate surfing

Care4free, the UK's only charity ISP, announces cheap surfing Monday

The ISP is the amalgamation of over 245 UK charities including NSPCC, Save the Children, Cancer Research and the RSPB and seventy five percent of all profits generated through the service go to charity. It went live last October.

Jumping on the bandwagon of cheap Net calls, Care4free will offer flat rate 1p per minute online access with no monthly charge from July. Managing director of Care4free Kelvin Trott believes consumers are being overwhelmed by the number of cheap and nearly free offers on the market at the moment.

"We studied closely the various new telephony deals announced by ISPs earlier this year and found them extremely confusing -- consumers really need to read the small print before committing themselves," he says. "We felt that a simple and easy-to-understand offering was desperately needed."

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