FileMaker Go for iOS gets signatures and printing support

FileMaker, Inc. today added a number of features to FileMaker Go for iOS including digital signature support, the ability to view and edit charts created with FileMaker Pro 11, and support for AirPrint.

Filemaker Inc. today release an update to its popular iOS app -- Filemaker Go 1.2. Filemaker Go is an powerful database for iOS and I've been using version 1.0 because of its ease of use.

New features in today's release include:

  • Support for FileMaker Charts, including bar, line, area and pie charts: View, edit and update eye-catching reports (created with FileMaker Pro 11 for Mac and Windows) on the iPhone or iPad. Chart data can come from FileMaker Pro or can be passed through from SQL sources for two-way exchange and analysis of business data. Now data can be easily viewed and updated in beautiful charts from anywhere in the world.
  • Digital signatures on iPhone and iPad: Ideal for confirming receipt of goods, field surveys and more, signatures can be captured on the go, making it easy to sign contracts, invoices and other documents without printing hard copies in advance. Signed documents can be exported to a desktop or uploaded instantly to databases hosted on FileMaker Server.
  • Print anywhere with AirPrint: FileMaker Go takes advantage of AirPrint, the new iOS feature, to print wirelessly to AirPrint-enabled printers. Print everything from reports and forms to name tags and sales receipts on the go, and easily customize and save print options.
  • Enhanced PDF creation: Save and email print-ready PDF files on the iPhone or iPad. Users can send materials in a format that can be easily shared and printed.

FileMaker Go for iPhone ($19.99, App Store) and FileMaker Go for iPad ($39.99, App Store) both require iOS 4.2.1 or later and are pretty much a requirement for any heavy FileMaker user.
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