Final stretch of BlackBerry 10 push sees RIM tapping Titanium community

Research In Motion has partnered with Appcelerator, the company behind the Titanium cross-platform development environment, in order to attract more coders to the soon-to-launch BlackBerry 10 platform.

Research In Motion has made yet another push to attract developers ahead of its BlackBerry 10 launch in January.

RIM is doing everything it can to attract developers to BlackBerry 10. Image: Ben Woods

This time the carrot comes from a partnership with Appcelerator, the company behind the Titanium development platform. Titanium lets developers code for different platforms mostly in one go, through the use of cross-platform technologies such as HTML5 — it is widely used for early iterations of apps, although developers usually get better performance by coding for a phone's native platform, for example Objective-C for iOS.

Titanium for BlackBerry 10 will come out on 7 December, RIM announced on Thursday, and the first 100 developers to sign up will each get a BlackBerry Dev Alpha test device, once their app has been submitted for review. Up to 10,000 developers will also get a free year's worth of Appcelerator Cloud Service and Analytics, once their app has been approved and put on sale.

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Appcelerator reckons developers can reuse somewhere between 65-90 percent of the existing code they have created for "other leading platforms", as they port over to BlackBerry 10.

"Developers and enterprises continue to look for robust cross-platform solutions and we are thrilled to work with Appcelerator to have Titanium support for BlackBerry 10," RIM developer chief Alec Saunders said in a statement.

Appcelerator has around 390,000 developers in its ecosystem, which is quite a large base for RIM to be tapping into. Saunders noted that the developers would also be able to take advantage of previously announced incentive schemes, such as the '10k Developer Commitment' .

RIM also updated its BlackBerry 10 Developer Program on Thursday, again in an effort to attract developers to write apps for the make-or-break release.

One element of the push is the release of a keyboard-equipped 'Alpha C' test device for developers that still want to address the traditional BlackBerry market. The company also now says it will swap out alpha test devices for limited-edition BlackBerry 10 devices, as long as the developer has their app approved.

RIM also updated its SDKs for the platform.

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