Finally: an iPhone case that can open (and keep track of) your beers

Like beer but can't seem to hold onto your bottle opener? Let this iPhone case from West|280 do the opening (and remembering) for you.

While "there's an app for that" is a phrase that I've very rapidly grown tired of, it's also a phrase that has never been less true.

The latest proof? This bottle opener iPhone case from West|280. Featuring a retractable, stainless steel bottle opener and a polycarbonate/ABS alloy exterior, this iPhone case seems, at first glance, to be yet another iPhone-related gimmick. But it does more. The iOpener also contains an accelerometer that, when triggered, opens up BevConX, an iPhone app that tracks and shares via Facebook and Twitter the identity and location of the recently-opened bottle. This doesn't exactly remove the gimmick distinction from the iOpener, but it does at least make the case a tad more interesting.

The catch? The iOpener is only equipped so far for use on the iPhone 3G and 3GS - at least for now. Also, it's $29.

[iOpener, via OhGizmo]


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