Finjan protection targets Java, ActiveX threat

Software to protect PCs against the threat of malign ActiveX and Java components is coming to the UK.

Israeli company Finjan Software is bringing in a line of SurfinShield personal and SurfinGate enterprise products aimed at conquering the snowballing security problem related to applets.

Finjan's patent pending technology interprets when code is trying to access networks, memory or file systems and can be set to block or allow progress. Second, a database of known troublesome applets is maintained. Users can be alerted to suspicious applet behaviour by visual or audio warnings and can choose to view the log to accept or deny the applet.

"We truly believe in the new paradigm of computing led by Java and ActiveX," said Lior Arussy, VP of marketing and sales at Finjan. "However, there are serious releated security issues and we want users to be proof to hostile attacks."

"Unlike the virus business where the only gratification is being caught, in our business we're talking about industrial espionage where patterns of activity tend to be hidden. 95 per cent of attacks could be going undetected."

The Finjan products available in the UK now are SurfinShield 2.0 (£70), a Java security client aimed at end-users; SurfinShield Xtra, which adds ActiveX security (£100); and SurfinGate 1.0, and enterprise-level Java product (£830 for a 10-user licence, rising to £12,630 for an unlimited licence).

Products are available from Integralis who can be contacted by telephone on 0118-9306060.