Fire and Rescue NSW uses SAP for real-time data sharing

Fire and Rescue NSW has implemented SAP Business Suite software powered by SAP HANA to help it share data across all three major state emergency service agencies.

Fire and Rescue NSW has paved the way to allow it to predict fires and other natural disasters almost one week in advance, after making a network-wide move to implement SAP Business Suite software into its systems.

Fire and Rescue NSW has rolled out SAP Business Suite software, which is powered by the SAP HANA platform, across all three major state emergency service agencies, including NSW State Emergency Service and NSW Rural Fire Service, to enable them access to real-time information from a single source — an improvement that would usually have taken a day to do.

Fire and Rescue NSW SAP Service Gavin Brown said SAP will support its frontline firefighters, volunteers, and staff members to better respond to incidents and emergencies.

"Currently, we have about 100,000 people on the system that we manage on one SAP instance. We're using SAP Business Suite on HANA to power our SAP ECC environment, and soon our CRM environment, as well," he said.

The organisation also said that SAP HANA will support the agency's "project minder". This system is designed to head off disasters across the state by analysing real-time data and enabling predictions almost a week in advance, as well as to recommend resource deployment in a timely and accurate manner.

Fire and Rescue NSW CIO Richard Host said the implementation aligns closely with the organisations' slogan of "better systems, safer communities", particularly given that it is uploaded with 30 years' worth of training history.

"Technology is being used more and more. It's absolutely critical to our response and to our recovery," he said.

Through SAP HANA, Fire & Rescue NSW is also looking to the future with an enterprise asset management program to help the emergency services agencies better manage their vast firefighting and rescue asset base.

"A vision with SAP enterprise asset management is to bring 400,000 piece of life critical equipment, 9,000 vehicles, and 3,000 properties into one system, standardise processes so it allows us to better support the frontline staff in critical incidents in emergencies," Brown said.

Host also believes it will help the organisation become more "progressive and very innovative", given that it has given the agency to put their email system on the cloud with hopes to move "SAP success factors in the cloud very shortly".

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