FireEye awarded UK Gov't Cyber Essentials Scheme accreditation

The UK government now recommends FireEye services as a base for UK businesses to mitigate the threat of cyberattack.


As the UK government fights to get up to scratch in the cybersecurity realm, FireEye has been awarded accreditation in a standard recommended to businesses.

Announced on Monday, the cybersecurity and forensics firm said the UK government has awarded accreditation within the new Cyber Essentials Scheme. The scheme is the result of the government's efforts to provide a common cybersecurity baseline standard for UK businesses -- covering the core requirements for firewalls and Internet gateways, security configuration, user access controls, malware and patch management.

Systems that fall within the scope of the Cyber Essentials Scheme include devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile devices, as well as email, Web and application services and Internet-based services.

"By successfully completing a Cyber Essentials Scheme assessment, organisations lower their risk of serious data and financial loss, and those companies that display the Cyber Essentials badge demonstrate to customers that they have taken steps to be fundamentally cyber safe," FireEye says.

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The accreditation applies to all of FireEye and the firm's services.

Greg Day, EMEA CTO at FireEye commented:

"The existence of this accreditation by the UK Government shows just how much the cyber threat landscape for all companies has drastically changed within the last year. By receiving this accreditation for FireEye, UK businesses can be further assured that we are aligning the controls of critical systems and business operations with the growing appetite for independent security validation."

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